Superintendent’s Welcome



I want to personally welcome all those who are interested in the Fluvanna County Public Schools. We are excited about having you as part of our “Fluco Family.”


During the 2002-2003 school year the Fluvanna County School Board set the following as the mission and vision for our schools:


Mission Statement


The mission of the Fluvanna County Public Schools is to provide quality education whereby all students acquire the skills, knowledge, and values necessary to develop into responsible and productive citizens of the twenty-first century.


Vision Statement


An educational partnership comprised of highly qualified educators, responsive learners, supportive parents, and a community dedicated to lifelong learning through responsibility and respect.


In following these statements of mission and vision, we have concentrated on the issues of Individualization, Diversity, and Expectations. We have discussed the importance of individualizing for each child and the recognition their uniqueness. We have stressed the importance of high expectations we have for all children. To these, we add Achievement and an appreciation for Lifelong learning as evidence of our success toward the tasks set by our School Board.


By concentrating on these issues we have seen test scores, graduation rates and other outcome indicators increase over the past seven years. This is due to the hard work and dedication of our staff, parents and students. However, we realize that learning is an ever-changing process. The skills that have been important in the past may well be replaced by new requirements in the future. We must teach our students how to apply the skills they learn not just memorize facts to be tested. We are dedicated to this task. By continuing to assess and adapt these efforts, we will achieve our objective for children at all levels to have the ability to pursue their goals and dreams for the future.


To those new to Fluvanna County Public Schools, we consist of five schools. The elementary schools include Columbia and Cunningham (both Grades K-2) as well as Central school (Grades K-5). In addition, we have Fluvanna Middle School (Grades 6-8) and Fluvanna County High School (Grades 9-12). For the upcoming school year, the student enrollment is projected to be 3,761.


We are proud that the Fluvanna County Public Schools remain at the heart of our community. We understand that our community is growing and diversifying. Our efforts must reflect this. In addition to changes in teaching, we have also begun the process of building a new high school. This building is designed for the future both in terms of education and service to our entire community. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or comments regarding our schools.  I can be reached either at 434-589-8208 or [email protected]

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  1.   april parrott Says:

    Let me start off by saying I was not sure where else to put my comments so they would be seen so I will start here and continue from there.
    Next I would like to let everyone know there is NOTHING anyone can do to fix this I just wanted to make sure I was heard by someone that cared.
    So my experience with Fluvanna county schools has been the WORST experience I have ever had. I’m going to start from the very beginning so this is going to be long but if your reading this let me assure you your mouth will hit your desk as you read.
    We moved to Fluvanna county on Dec. 1st 2008. My children were enrolled to start after Christmas break Jan. 2009. The school made a huge deal about me bringing my children in before the break so they could meet the teachers the bus would know where to pick them up and so on. I did as I was asked I brought my kids in to meet the teachers. We have Christmas break and now it’s the first day back to school the kids are so excited we go out to wait for the bus, no bus comes. I called the school they sent a car to get my kids. I called transportation and spoke with Mr. Hill. He in formed me that a bus would bring them home and pick them up the next day. Day 2 we get up go out for the bus, you guess it, no bus. I called Mr. Carter (Mr. Hills boss) Explain the problem Mr. Carter calls me back in 15 min. informs me that he has fixed the problem he also explains that they are short bus drivers and he was VERY sorry about all of this. O.K. I’m happy with the way our convesation ends. I decided I did not have a job and they need a bus driver I will apply, and I did. Day 3 comes we go out side again to get the bus and you will never believe that a bus did not stop. So I this point I am very upset I call Dr. Smith flip out on everyone I spoke with I mean come on really 4 busses drove by my house all 3 days and not one stopped to pick up my kids. (remember it is JAN. and we are standing OUTSIDE) Also remember a bus did bring them home on day 1 and day 2. So now we are at day 4 and the bus was able to find our home. Mr. Hill however did call me on day 4 about 10:30 am because the bus drive informed him we were not standing at the bus stop! I asked him where my children were because they DID get on a bus that said FLUVANNA COUNTY on the side. I also asked him about my job application. He told me he could not hire me because I had a speeding ticket FOUR years ago. I let it go at that point I did and do not want to work for him.

    So here we are a brand new year and we are going to open houses. I spoke with Mr. Hill at Central to find out what time the bus will be coming as has not received anything from the county. He looks and looks and can not find my children on any bus list ANYWHERE!!! So Mr. Hill tell me bus 24 will pick the kids up and drop them off. I asked if he was sure and he says” OF COARSE I’M SURE I’M THE SUPERVISOR”
    Well of coarse I start thinking about what we when through last year and go straight to Dr. Smith. I expressed my concern about my kids not being on a list to be picked up. Dr. Smith explains he will look into. I also expressed my concern about speaking with Mr. Hill and Mr. Carter as I have heard from several people they are family. Dr. Smith explains that is just not the case they can’t be family and he will not in the future handle my concerns I will need to speak with Mr. Hill and Mr. Carter. Ok whatever as long as a bus come to pick up my children I will be happy.
    Day 1- everything is fine
    Day 2- everything is fine
    Day 3- My youngest child started school this year and I get a phone call because my older 2 are giving the school and bus driver and hard time because…are you ready for this… my youngest child was ON A DIFFERENT BUS. Well of coarse they are upset their LITTLE SISTER is going home by HERSELF. I called Mr. Hill as anyone can image I was, well, pissed off Mr. Hill asked me WHY??? Why did she get on bus 46 Why did bus 46 pick them up that morning? Why did the boys get on bus 24? Why this and Why that? WHY? WHY? WHY?. How am I suppose to know WHY I don’t work for transportation of fluvanna you would not hire me. You know I really don’t know who’s fault it is and I really don’t care. The schools put bus numbers on the childrens hands as they got off the buses that morning(day 3)but some how 2 of my 3 children were able to get on a different numbered bus than what was no there hand. So could someone tell me why even write the numbers?

    This man has no business working in this position. We as parents trust these people with our children and this man has no idea what is going on !! I know its the schools job to put our children on the bus but 2 day it’s bus 24 I wrote down bus 24 on all the kids paper work because this is what this “supervisor” told me. 1 day its bus 46 how is a 5 year old suppose to have ANY IDEA what bus to get on whe the bus keeps changing this is new to her.

    Thank you for taking time to read my story,
    April Parrott

  2.   Tom Smith Says:

    Mrs. Parrott,

    Thank you for the email. I forwarded it to Mr. Carter and Mr. Hill for a response to your concerns. I do want to clarify one statement that seems to be a misunderstanding. When I indicated that you would have to deal with Mr. Carter, I did not mean that I would not listen to your concerns. I meant that our system asks the parent to talk with the individual in charge of the program because that person may have the information to address the issue in a more direct manner. Certainly, I would be happy to discuss your concerns if have talked with Mr. Carter and not found a resolution to the issue. I hope that this clarifies my comments. Below is the response from Mr. Carter and Mr. Hill.

    Please let me know if you have further issues.

    Dr. Tom Smith

    TO: Dr. Thomas Smith, Superintendent of Schools
    FROM: Mr. Jerome Hill, & Mr. Maurice Carter
    RE: Response Ms. April Parrot Concerns
    DATE: August 17, 2009
    Mr. Hill, the Transportation Supervisor recalled speaking with Ms. Parrot on Thursday, January 7, 2009 at 7:53 am. She called to inform him that the bus that was suppose to pick up her children did not come pick up her children. Ms. Parrot had just moved to 1004 the Cross Road before the Winter Holiday. During this time there was not a permanent driver for bus #24. The driver of bus #71 had been substituting for the a.m. route. For the afternoon route, those students who would have boarded bus #24 were combined with the students from bus#67 and transported home. Ms. Parrot called Mr. Carter and indicated her dissatisfaction of her children being left. Mr. Carter told her that he would investigate the situation and return her call. Mr. Carter spoke with Ms. Parrot the same day and explained that there were two buses transporting students and he had spoken with Mr. Hill to correct the oversight. He apologized for the oversight and explained why there were two drivers. He also stated that Mr. Hill would also call and follow up on the situation.
    Ms. Parrot’s two children were added to the roster sheet for bus#24 but Mr. Hill forgot to inform the a.m. driver of the addition. He called Ms. Parrot to apologize for the oversight at 2:15 pm. He left a message on her answering machine. He also left a message of what time the children should be out in order to meet the bus in the morning. He also called back at 5:10 pm the same day to verify and tell Ms. Parrot that it was his fault for not notifying the driver.
    Ms. Parrot mentioned that four buses passed by her driveway. However, two of the buses were secondary buses and two were elementary buses. There was only one bus that was assigned to pick her children up at 1004 The Cross Road.
    Due to the combined routes for buses #20 and #24, both of Ms. Parrot’s children were reassigned to bus #46. The driver of this bus traveled by the address mentioned in order to turn around at the intersection of the Cross Road and Pat Dennis Road. The two students continued to ride bus #46 for the remainder of the 08-09 school year.

    On Wednesday, February 25, 2009 a notice was sent out to the parents of the students that rode bus #46 indicating that until March 2, 2009 her children would be riding bus #71 both in the a.m. and p.m. due to the regular driver being out for extended leave.
    On Thursday, August 5, 2009 while at Central Elementary School during their business day, Mr. Hill was approached by Ms. Parrot. She wanted to know which bus her children would be riding and the pickup times for the new school year. Mr. Hill looked at bus #24’s roster and noticed that the names had been crossed out (moved to bus #46). Mr. Hill mentioned that her children would be riding bus #24. She said she did not receive any notice about which bus her children would be riding. His response to her was notices are not sent out to the students. Ms. Parrot asked him if he was sure and his response to her was of course, I am the Transportation Supervisor. He also explained to her that during a period of time last year, there was not a permanent driver on bus #24, so her children were assigned to bus #46.
    During the summer, families move into and out of communities. The bus roster from the previous year is not used by the drivers since a new roster is generated. Therefore, any students that were not on the bus the previous year would be added.
    Mr. Maurice Carter spoke with Ms. April Parrott by phone on Thursday, August 5, 2009 (Business Day) at approximately 2 PM from the Operations’ Center. He had been informed by Dr. Smith that Ms. Parrott came by to see him regarding her children and a bus concern.
    Mr. Carter called Ms. Parrott, identified himself and asked her to explain her concerns regarding her children. She was pleasant on the phone. She mentioned that she had spoken with Mr. Hill earlier in the day at Central Elementary to determine what time her children would be picked up and dropped off by Bus #24. She stated that she was also concerned that her children were not on a list for bus #24. Mr. Carter told her that he would look into her concerns and call her back. Additionally, Dr. Smith indicated that she did not want to speak with Mr. Carter because he was related to Mr. Hill. Mr. Carter assured Ms. Parrot on the phone that he was not related to Mr. Hill, and that He was Mr. Hill’s Supervisor. She stated that she really did not know that they were related, but that was what someone had told her.
    Mr. Hill recalled the conversation he had with Ms. Parrot at Central Elementary that day. He indicated that he told her that bus would pick her children up at the same time it did on last year. He told her to have her children out at the bus stop by 7:35 am. He told Mr. Carter that he indicated to Ms. Parrott to do this, so that the children would be at the bus stop five minutes before the bus would arrive. He further indicated that the bus should arrive in the Evening approximately the same time it did last year. He told Mr. Carter that the bus may be a little late the first week giving time for all students to board the correct buses at Central before they departed.
    Mr. Carter called Ms. Parrott again at 2:15 PM the same day providing her with the information that Mr. Hill gave him. He further told her that if she had any problems or questions to feel free to call him at the School Board Office. Mr. Carter gave her the number to his office at the School Board and asked her to have a good day.

  3.   Elem Teacher Says:

    I would like to say that as someone who has taught in this district going on 10 years, I believe we are slowly getting into a good place. I am glad to be back and my year is going great so far. We have good people, caring teachers, solid leadership. I am proud that our board asks questions and is keeping the district in check. I am excited by the TONS of workshops the new coordinators are doing. Up until recently I paid a lot out of my own pocket to go to workshops that we now get free. I think Dr. Smith is doing the best he can given that it is not a job I would ever want!

    I think we still have work to do. We need more materials in class. We need more one on one help. We need better technology in the buildings. We somehow have got to get parents more involved in our schools. Perhaps this could be a focus for the board members.

    I hope we will be more progressive. I hope we will keep hiring only top notch people. Finally this past year, when I asked for help, there were finally people to give it. Joshua Gifford, Chris O’Niel, Jen Valentine, Lara Jenkins. These people deserve awards for their help, patience, and good attitudes. I alone could use them in my room every single day. Many more also. We need to spread this positivity.

    I’m proud of Fluvanna. I’m proud to teach here. I feel like we need some morale boosting, though. We’re more upbeat than last year, but we still need to rise above our woes. Let’s not forget that. Please share my thoughts with the board members. I’m not usually one to speak up, but I’m tired of only the negative ones being heard. God bless all of us for what we do.

    Thank you for having this public input.
    Just sign me,
    Happy elementary teacher.

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